[maplab-users] Problems viewing shapefiles generated with fme suite

publi at infonegocio.com publi at infonegocio.com
Wed Oct 20 07:51:51 EDT 2004

Zak James wrote:

> I suggest you take a look at the extents of your shapefile vs. the 
> extents set in your mapfile. If they don't coincide, you won't get any 
> errors, but you won't see anything either.
> zak
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> On Oct 17, 2004, at 7:48 AM, publi at infonegocio.com wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>    I have AutoCad 2000 files and i have converted this files to 
>> shapefiles with fme suite. I can view the fme shapefiles generated 
>> with ARCView 3.3, FGIS, MapMaker 3.5 with any problems, but when i 
>> try to view this files with mapserver the result is a white image. I 
>> can view shapefiles generated by me with ARCView in MapServer, but 
>> fme shapefiles generated never. Where is the problem???? Where can i 
>> find other tool to convert Cad files -> Shapefiles???? . Thanks to all.
>> MapServer Version:
>> MapServer version 4.2.3 OUTPUT=PNG OUTPUT=JPEG OUTPUT=WBMP 
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Hi Zack,
    The extent is correct, i have seen this values with ogrinfo. I have 
generated small shapefiles with fme Suite ( about 1000 features)  and i 
can view this with mapserver. Are there any features limits in 
shapefiles used with mapserver????. Thanks to all.

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