[maplab-users] GMapFactory error

David Hiltz dhiltz at whsun1.wh.whoi.edu
Wed Sep 1 15:27:34 EDT 2004


  I just started playing around with MapLab 2.2 and I like it so far.

     Linux Redhat 7.3 Server
     Apache 1.3.27
     Mapserver 4.2.2
     PHP 4.3.8

  I've run into a problem when I get click 'Apply' in GMapFactory.  

  I fire up Mapedit
  Load my .map file.
  Click on the GMapFactory Icon and pick my project and click OK
  The GMapFactory page loads fine with my map.
  I now click 'Apply' and get this message in the main window:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ')' in
      /maplab-2.2/projects/gmf_apps/david/globpres.php on line 46  

    Line 45 and below look like this (notice the missing values):

// define the maximum extents
define( "MAX_EXT_MINX",  );
define( "MAX_EXT_MINY",  );
define( "MAX_EXT_MAXX",  );
define( "MAX_EXT_MAXY",  );

   When I look at the MAPFILE line above this code, it looks like this:

   define( "MAPFILE", "///david//mymap.map" );

   The path to my map file is wrong for some reason which is probably
   why it is not finding the extent values.  I get this warning in the left
   menu window.

      Warning: Failed to open map file ///dhiltz//mymap.map in 
/maplab-2.2/htdocs/gmapfactory/build_phtml.php on line 1301

This is the MAPFILE line when it works correctly (when I first come into 

define( "MAPFILE", "/maplab-2.2/projects/gmf_apps////david//mymap.map" );

  Something happens when I click apply that causes it not to give the right
path to my map file.

  Any ideas?


  David Hiltz

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