[maplab-users] Help! how can the website work under https://

charley cheng chengcharlie2003 at yahoo.ca
Mon Sep 27 17:32:33 EDT 2004

Hi! William,
I try your suggestion today, it works.
Thank you very much!

William Bronsema <wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca> wrote:
Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately when MapLab was originally written https was not 
considered. As a result there are a number of places in the code where 
"http" is assumed and hard coded.

A quick fix for this would be to replace all hard coded "http" instances 
with "https". I did a quick search for "http:" and it appears that 
there are not too many instances of this in the actual code & template 
files (ignoring examples and how-to docs). This is not the most elegant 
solution, but should serve your purpose.



charley cheng wrote:
> Hi! Dear lists,
> Since the information on website produced by maplab is confidential, I 
> am planning to put website produced by maplab work under https:// ( 
> secure version of http). I tried it, but did not work. First, the map 
> did not show, second, any click, the url will break. The website is 
> working fine under http://
> My platform is window 2000 server, IIS 5.0, Maplab2.2, php/mapscript
> Another question is how to set security for website produced by Maplab 
> normally.
> Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
> Thank you very much!
> Charlie
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