[maplab-users] Separate MapEdit

Zak James zak4ms at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 11:37:17 EDT 2005


I'm not aware of anybody having done this, but it should not be all
that challenging.

Once the preview is launched it doesn't pass anything back to Mapedit
so the changes required are relatively isolated.

You would need to replace maplab/htdocs/mapedit/preview.phtml with a
chameleon application script. Problems are likely to arise related to
differences between the PHP session variables maintained by Maplab
versus the ones used by Chameleon. The PHP error messages generated by
chameleon if you try this should guide you to what needs to be
modified to make them cooperate.

If you do undertake this, consider making your changes available to
the list so that other users can benefit.

On 4/22/05, Stephan Holl <sholl at gmx.net> wrote:
> Dear Maplab-Gurus,
> as I am new to mapLab and beeing really impressed I would like to know
> if it is easy to separate the MapEdit part in order to use it as a
> Mapfile-Creator for a chameleon implementation.
> I would like to have the preview-button go directly to my installation
> of chameleon.
> Does anybody have realised that already? If not, could anybody point me
> to the right place in the sources where to find the relevant parts to
> change?
> Thank you in advance
> Best
>         Stephan
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