[maplab-users] Config Help

Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 10:56:39 EDT 2005


I am wondering if anyone from DM or someone reasonably experienced
with MapLab could log into my test box and help me to overcome some
config issues. I am supposed to give a Mapserver/MapLab demo in my
Internet Mapping Class @ SDSU (http://map.sdsu.edu/geog583/) and would
like to have MapLab working perfectly. The professor is a reasonably
influential guy in the field having written what I think is the only
textbook on this sort of thing (http://map.sdsu.edu/gisbook/) The
problem is, he is married to Commercial Solutions (probably because
ESRI et al ply him and the university with free software). Anyway,
several of us in the class have outright refused to use IMS or other $
software, not just cause its expensive, mostly cause its a pain in the
ass to customize. I've had sucess in grasping the basics of Mapserver,
and have a simple application up and running which the class and prof
were impressed with, but now he wants me to demo Maplab next week, and
I am struggling to get everything to work correctly. Basic functions
work, but not everything. So, any help would be appreciated.


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