[maplab-users] map lab setup

ortha at juno.com ortha at juno.com
Wed Dec 28 09:53:35 EST 2005

Map lab users,

I am having trouble figuring out how to set up map lab on a linux server. I successfully installed ms4w and maplab on my pc but now I would like to run my map through a service provider with a remote server (htmlx.com). 

Here is what I am working with:

mapserver 4.6
php version 4.3.10
linux apache server
map lab 2.2.1

I have looked through the setup instructions but I am having trouble with  what to do next. I am a gis specialist with no real experience doing programming or web design. I have moved maplab to the server and can get the initial screen to open. Past this point I have very limited usability with numerous errors. From what I gather I need to create a php.ini file as well as set up a map script. Can anyone recommend where I can find some templates for these files or give me some helpful advice. I am also confused on where these files will ultimately reside on the server once they are created. 

Thank you in advance for your help.


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