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Have you checked the information screen for maplab? If you can display
the main page, click on the second icon from the right in the toolbar
(it contains a blue 'i'). That may give you some hints on what is
wrong. If that doesn't help, check the webserver logs for errors and
report them to the list.

Make sure you have customized the configuration file for your
particular server. This can be done from the main maplab page: click
on the icon with the red angle brackets.

A php.ini script should have come with php but you shouldn't need to
make modifications there for maplab to work. Also, you will need php
4.4.x for Maplab to work properly. There is information on that issue
on the maptools.org site.

Good luck,


On 12/28/05, ortha at juno.com <ortha at juno.com> wrote:
> Map lab users,
> I am having trouble figuring out how to set up map lab on a linux server. I successfully installed ms4w and maplab on my pc but now I would like to run my map through a service provider with a remote server (htmlx.com).
> Here is what I am working with:
> mapserver 4.6
> php version 4.3.10
> linux apache server
> map lab 2.2.1
> I have looked through the setup instructions but I am having trouble with  what to do next. I am a gis specialist with no real experience doing programming or web design. I have moved maplab to the server and can get the initial screen to open. Past this point I have very limited usability with numerous errors. From what I gather I need to create a php.ini file as well as set up a map script. Can anyone recommend where I can find some templates for these files or give me some helpful advice. I am also confused on where these files will ultimately reside on the server once they are created.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Josh
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