[maplab-users] (no subject)

Szabó Krisztián sz_krisztian at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 15 14:09:21 EST 2005

Hy !

I have a problem with postresql installation. I have two libpq.dll in the 
system. One in the cgi-bin folder (65kb) and another one in the in the 
C:\ms4w\apps\pgsql75win\lib folder (128kb). When i started the  initdb.bat 
file the aswer was that "illegal entry point...libpq.dll" . After than I 
copied all lib file in the cgi-bin folder and deleted the lib files in the  
C:\ms4w\apps\pgsql75win\lib folder . The answer was just the same. What are 
you doing? Which one of libpq.dll is the right to me?
Thanks for you!

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