[maplab-users] Trouble shooting - unable to open tutorial map in mapedit

JMcGrew JMcGrew at cc.usu.edu
Fri Jul 1 17:22:06 EDT 2005


I am just beginning to use Maplab and have already encountered a problem with 
the tutorial.

When I try to open the map file, I get the following messages:

Warning unable to load dynamic ms4w/Apache/php/extensions/php_mapscript_42.dll
The specified module could not be found in 
C:\ms4w\apps\maplab-2.2\htdocs\mapedit\mapeditapp.php on line 150

Fatal error: Call to undefined function:ms_tokenizemap0in 
C:\ms4w\apps\maplab-2.2\htdocs\mapedit\mapeditapp.php on line 168

In addition, I have to hold down the control key to get around the pop block 
message in Windows (even though the popup block is turned off) I don't have to 
do this in Mozilla but the map file still won't open. I am using the latest 
version (4.6) of mapserver for windows (MS4W)and I have windows XP.

I have looked at the configuration via the maplab browser and it says that 
mapscript Not Found - configuration problem?. I guess I am not sure what 
version I should use (_42.dll?), where I download it from and where it should 
be located within my root directory?   The configuration part is new to me and 
I don't want to mess up any of the files by trying it on my own.  I am hoping 
that someone has encountered similar problems and can give me some hints.

I appreciate your feedback.

Many thanks,

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