[maplab-users] problem in adding wms in mapbrowser

Zak James zak4ms at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 09:21:04 EDT 2005


There are two potential problems here. First, you need to check that
you can connect to that url
in a web browser. If that works, you will get an xml document that
says the SERVICE parameter is missing. This is due to a recent change
in mapserver:

- Bug 1262 : the SERVICE parameter is now required for wms and wfs 
  GetCapbilities request. It is not required for other WMS requests.
  It is required for all WFS requests.

You can either try to find an older server that doesn't have this
change, or modify the url that maplab is sending to look like:


It may be possible to just add SERVICE=wms& to the end of the url in
the interface but I haven't tested that.


On 6/30/05, Ayalew Belay <ayalewbelay at yahoo.com> wrote:
> selam every one ther! 
> i am working to publish mapfile on the web. when ever i want to add wms
> server the following error has occured. 
> " Warning:
> fopen():
> failed to open stream: Bad file descriptor in
> C:\ms4w\apps\maplab-2.2\htdocs\common\phpwms\server_data_manager.php
> on line 1850"
> can any one help me on this 
> Thank you1 
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