[maplab-users] Blank map ROSA/html

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Jan 27 15:44:51 EST 2006

That was a good catch by Nahum - MapLab/MapEdit requires the use of 
STYLE objects (as of MapServer 4.0 these came into effect) and if you 
don't use this object in your classes an error is thrown.  Actually we 
didn't even realize this problem until recently (the gmap-ms4w mapfile 
was recently modified with STYLE objects for this reason).  Sorry for 
this.  MapLab really should allow for both versions of mapfiles (with or 
without styles), since (as you saw with quickmap.php) mapserver does 
support both.


Brian wrote:
> Jeff, thanks for the suggestion. I have done the quickmap and
> successfully displayed two different shapefiles in the same map. Small
> steps, I know...
> Unfortunately, when I opened them in Mapedit and preview, I was still
> not getting anything.
> Nahum suggested I add a style with antialias set to true and (while
> I'm not sure why) that seemed to work.
> Great work and thanks for all the support.
> Brian.
> On 1/27/06, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca> wrote:
>>Another way to test your mapfile, and rule out any ROSA/application
>>problems, is to use a file named quickmap.php in your MS4W install:
>>It exists in /ms4w/Apache/htdocs/
>>1) modify line16 - the path to your mapfile
>>2) modify line17 - to the name of the mapscript dll that you want to use
>>3) in browser goto
>>4) a map image should be displayed, or an error message.

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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