[maplab-users] Setting up maplab

Frank Glandorf f.glandorf at gmx.de
Wed Nov 8 12:34:07 EST 2006


I wanted to use Mapedit to built my map-file.
The problem is that I couldn't install it. I use Windows and I installed 
Apache, PHP, Mapserver, ... all by itself so I don't want to use the 
MS4W system(maybe it will damage my other installtions).
I am new to to mapserver, so I didn't know exactly what I should do to 
set Maplab up. The installation guide didn't help me, so I thought about 
asking in this mailinglist:

    * The first things are easy.

    * My first problem was with the php.ini: "Load the following
      extensions: extension=php_dbase.dll and extension=php_gd.dll". I
      loaded them but I didn't know if they where on my system.
    * The next problem was to configure my webserver: "Edit your Web
      server configuration to allow access to /maplab-2.2/... and make
      sure that index.phtml pages are allowed as default pages." I don't
      know how to do this. Can someone please give me the code?

Maybe someone can help me.



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