hrishikesh mahadev hydrohrishi at yahoo.co.in
Fri Sep 29 04:10:59 EDT 2006

hello friends,
    this is hrishikesh mahadev. i'm working on maplab right now. its an entirely new subject for me. was able to create my own map thro self exploration. but now i have some queries to know.. can u please help me out.
   1.  as in the tutorial, we have a bathymetry layer that give the background in the preview.. which is elevation. please give me the right procedure to set that part for my map. in my map the back ground is missing.. all the other layers like road school etc are visible. 
  2. the second query is how to give the query?? i don't know any script language except html. ready to try if required but not understanding of how the query is to be given. please this is hte most important piece.. in my project
  3. the last query is .. can a user add his say shop name and address in the  website (where the map is going to be placed) by directly clicking on a perticular place on the map.in concize making the site more user friendly

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