[maplab-users] preview of map blank in mapedit

Amy Keyworth Amy.Keyworth at ncmail.net
Wed Jun 20 14:27:29 EDT 2007

I'm new to the MapServer/Maplab world, and have spent several days 
struggling to get a map to work.  We've ironed out several problems 
largely dealing with pathnames, and no longer get errors when I push the 
"Preview Map" button in MapEdit.  I get a page with a box listing the 
layers in my map (only 2 so far), a blank space for the map, several 
zoom tools, and a box for a reference map.  I cannot get the layers to 
display.  I can't even get both radio buttons to stay on 
simultaneously.  Without an error message I don't know where to start 
looking for a solution to this problem.  Any help is appreciated.

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