[maplab-users] ArcGis9 and Maplab

Javier Sanchez Galan j_sgalan at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:43:33 EST 2007

Hello Fellows

Ive succesfully installed ms4w 1.6 and maplab 2.2.1 (it seems that maplab 
doesnt work properly in ms4w 2.2.3). i can display the tutorial.map that 
comes with maplab, but when i try to publish my own map (done in ArcGis 9) 
it shows errors.

I am using "ArcMap MXD to ArcIMS AXL & MapServer converter/ export utility" 
from ESRI to convert from .mxd to .map


My first assumption is that ESRI's .map format is in a different format than 
the one used by maplab.

has anyone tried that ArcGis extension and published a map with maplab?

are there other products to convert from .mxd to .map?

Thanks for your help,

Ing. Javier Sanchez Galan
Dirección de Investigación - VIPE
Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá

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