[Mobile GIS] wxwidget - Gdal - Ogr

nliaudat at pompiers-chatel.ch nliaudat at pompiers-chatel.ch
Wed Oct 4 07:28:26 EDT 2006


I'm new to the list and I've subsribe to propose you a start of project in
wxwidget + Gdal + Ogr in GPL licence.

For years, I've been developping Nrdbview (a simple gis visualisation
software with shapefile support http://sourceforge.net/projects/nrdbview/)
which was purely MFC.

Actually, I work on migrating nrdbview on wxwidget

NrdbView_wx is actually only the mainframe, internationalization and base
configuration. I need help to integrate Gdal ,Ogr and visualisation

The goal is to make a soft which coulbe be used for gis visualisation on
Windows, Linux and Mobile plateformes.

Best Regards

Nicolas Liaudat

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