[ms4w-users] Returning of no results-Query Map

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Aug 2 13:56:12 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> I was getting no result for my query map.Could any one help me out,below 
> is my codes


I think you'll have better chances of getting help if you send your 
questions to the mapserver-users list. The MS4W list is for discussions 
of MS4W packaging issues only. For questions related to a specific 
package you should use the list related to this package, in this case 
mapserver-users. The MDP list is for exchange between the various 
documentation contributors about documentation issues.

Unfortunately timing is bad for you: the mapserver-users list just 
switched to a new server this weekend, so I'm quite sure that it will be 
a few days before activity comes back to normal on that list, but in 
general you'll get responses to your questions very quickly.

To URL for the new mapserver-users list is 

  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
  DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

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