[ms4w-users] PHP beginning

Aldo Tocchio a.tocchio at arpa.piemonte.it
Fri Aug 6 06:06:42 EDT 2004

Hi dear,
I am user of ms4w. I used maplab to create a view on my dataset 
(vector-raster-odbc). Now I am try to understand PHP and I am going to 
follow a tutorial about php. Trouble: I don't succeed to start with this 
semple script:

<title>PHP Test</title>
<p>This is an HTML line
echo "<p>This is a PHP line</p>";

And this is the error message:
*Parse error*: parse error, unexpected '>' in 
*C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\test.php* on line *8*-

So i tried to view my httpd.conf file but it seems to me good and follow  
what is written in tutorial that I am reading.

Thank for you time!

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