[ms4w-users] Migrate Application developed with MS4W to Linux architecture.

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon Aug 23 08:36:25 EDT 2004


you should not have any particular problems porting applications from 
ms4w to linux, we do it regularly as we tend to develop on windows and 
then test/deploy on linux.  However, a couple of things to be aware of:

* ms4w comes pre-configured so you don't need to understand the 
complexities of web server configuration and application configuration.

* linux has a different path structure than windows, which should not 
affect anything but sometimes it does (i.e. no c:\ and / instead of \)

* while chameleon templates are independent of platform, chameleon 
itself and applications that use chameleon need to be configured 
correctly for the server environment.

* map files often need to be changed when moving from ms4w to linux

If you can get MapServer, PHP, Apache and Chameleon working on Linux 
then I don't think you will have any particular problem porting your 
chameleon applications ... the biggest difficulty is getting paths right.



Orlando Giovanny Solarte Delgado wrote:

> Hello.
> I am working with MS4W and it's really very simple of installing, it is 
> perfect for
> to learn.
> I am proving an application with Chameleon and where the shape is store on
> PostGis with MS4W, but I have read that it is not stable for production. 
> Can I develop an application with MS4W architecture and transfer it to 
> configuration - MapServer-MapScritp-Chameleon-PostGIS on Linux? Do I 
> have to make substantial changes?
> Is better to work directly with an architecture on linux?
> Excuse my bad English, it isn't my first language.
> Greetings.
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