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Fri Aug 5 03:53:20 EDT 2005

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> Hi Folks, (from alll lists)
> We are going to install a new server with ms4w and
> postgresql+postgis and we have to decide with operational
> system will be better, we have the licence for 
> Windows 2003 server and Windows XP. 
> There's any limitation for ms4w or postgis in the Windows
> 2003 Operational system? 
> There's any one who use the Win2003 and ms4w+postgis with sucess? 
> What about performance? 
> And security? 
> So, help us to make this decision! 
> Thanks for all!
> Andre

Hi Andre,

There should be no problems with using ms4w under Windows 2k3, however
please please do *not* use the MS4W Win32 PostgreSQL 7.5/PostGIS
installation on the MS4W download page on a public server. Since I first put
the package together, there have been a number of security fixes, in
particular fixes that prevent the server from running as an Administrator
user which caused me to withdraw the original ZIP file. Also, as PostgreSQL
7.5 turned into 8.0, a lot of new features/changes were added which means
that getting support from the PostgreSQL people will be almost possible.

For any new installation, my recommendation is to use the official
PostgreSQL installer, install without PostGIS 0.9.x and download the latest
Win32 PostGIS 1.0.X release from http://www.webbased.co.uk/mca/. If
possible, I would also wait until next week when the 1.0.3 release comes
out, which will fix a serious bug in the bounding box calculations.

Kind regards,


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