[ms4w-users] ms4w on XP Media Center

Richard A. Milewski ram at rampage.net
Fri Jan 28 11:28:42 EST 2005


Thank you!  That worked perfectly.   The offending program was Skype, a 
VoIP client that uses port 80 to sneak through firewalls.
Myopia on my part.  I should have remembered that.

-- Richard

Raj Singh wrote:

>You can use netstat.exe to list ports in use. Check out this page:
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>I'm a mapserver newbie, and I've hit a problem installing ms4w on a box
>running XP Media Center Edition. 
>Running apache-install.bat generates the message:
>(OS 10048)Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network
>is normally permitted.  : make_sock: could not bind to address no
>listening sockets available, shutting down Unable to open logs The service
>name is invalid.
>There does not appear to be another instance of Apache or any other web
>server running on this machine (unless there's a service whose name I 
>don't recognize as a web server).   
>Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to track down the conflicting
>-- Richard
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