[ms4w-users] ms4w and oracle spatial

Luciano Lovate Fardin luciano at inflor.com.br
Mon Jul 4 10:07:45 EDT 2005


i'm tring to connect to an Oracle Spatial database with MS4W v1.2 in 2 
different ways:
1 - configure mapfile with connection Oraclespatial
2 - configure with connection OGR

The problem is, both modes don't work. It appears MS4W is not 
pre-compiled to used native ORacle Spatial connection and GDAL/OGR 
module doesn't have OCI driver.

Anyone can help me?

Luciano Lovate Fardin
Analista Desenvolvedor
INFLOR Consultoria e Sistemas Ltda.
Email: luciano at inflor.com.br
Tel: +55 (27) 2122-0888 - Ramal: 854

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