[ms4w-users] legend layer list

jeff logan jlogan at pdc.org
Tue Oct 18 20:55:36 EDT 2005

Hi jeff,

i am using Mapserver ms4w with chameleon with exciting results, but inconsistent behavior with pop legend/layerlist is spoiling the excitement. i am using the chameleon tag for legend/layer list in my html page, and the names of the layers are coming correctly from the WMS-META section of the map file using legend.html.

however, sometimes i will select a layer to be displayed from the popup window and the layer above or below my selection will also be turned on when i click ok or apply. i also notice this behavior if i am using WMS connection types in my map file ( using the same remote WMS server more than one time, but to retreive different WMS layers.) one WMS layer could be at the top of the layer list and one on the bottom,but both are turned on again when i use the ok or apply button.

i have not found any references to this behavior on your listserv. any idea?

thank for a great tool.

- regards, jeff logan
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