[ms4w-users] apache won't work after changing httpd.conf

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Fri Sep 23 03:39:14 EDT 2005

Hi List,

I have the following problem. I installed the ms4w package on Win XP,
php4 and mysql. I followed the instructions form the Mapbender
Documentation. There is written, that you have to change some lines in
the /Apache/conf/httpd.con - I did. 

LoadModule php4_module c:\php\sapi\php4apache.dll

After shutting down the computer and restart again, the Apache tell
me the following error message:

Sytax error on line 173 of C:/ms4w/Apache/conf/httpd.conf...
Cannot load C:"php/sapi/php4apache.dll into server...

But it exists???
I don't know what to.

Thank you for helping.


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