[ms4w-users] Need Help on GIS-Tools (New user)

Helder Muianga helder.muianga at uem.mz
Wed Feb 1 10:56:18 EST 2006

Hi all,

I´m about to develop an GIS application for my thesis in a university. But I 
still without enough knowledge on how to start using the GIS-Tools and how 
to install them...
I tried once to instal MS4W & other tools (Chamelon, etc..), but it didnt 
work properly...
Please I´m looking for any guidance on this in order to start building my 
Please tell me:
1-What tools and versions do I need (MS4W, PHP, Apache, etc.)
2-How to install them
3-What are the requirements for the machine
4-Any other important information I would apreciate

Any help, I would apreciate...

Hélder Muianga (Heddy)

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