[ms4w-users] Need Help on GIS-Tools (New user)

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Feb 1 13:13:04 EST 2006

Hello Heddy,

Answers inline below:

> 1-What tools and versions do I need (MS4W, PHP, Apache, etc.)

MS4W comes with MapServer, PHP, and Apache.  I also recommend trying the 
MS4W add-on packages, on the ms4w download page, to help you get started:

   Chameleon - easy app development
   MapLab - preview/style your mapfile
   OGC Workshop - OGC is a great topic for your thesis, and this 
workshop is excellent

> 2-How to install them


> 3-What are the requirements for the machine

Apache can't be set up as a service on Win98...other than that I'm not 
aware of any other requirements notes.

> 4-Any other important information I would apreciate

You'll find the main MapServer emailing list an excellent resource as 
you learn 
   Search the archives first before sending.  Use the ms4w list to get 
started with ms4w (setup questions etc).  I also recommend doing some 
workshops from the most recent mapserver conference 

Good luck and have fun with it.


Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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