[ms4w-users] Proj.4 and MS4W

Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson t.m.ingvarsson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 07:25:20 EST 2006

Hi all!

I am relatively new to MapServer but I used it a lot a year ago in an
university project and my MSc. The version I used then was win32 4.1 that I
downloaded directly from Mapserver homepage. Now when I again wanted to
implement a MapServer project I could'nt find the old win32 version and was
directed to MS4W. Everything works fine with it except... it uses old
version of the Proj.4 library. The case is that I am trying to use Icelandic
national lcc projection (epsg: 3057) which is not included in the proj which
is part of ms4w (ms4w uses 4.4.6 while the current release is 4.4.9 and
includes epsg:3057). I have not suceeded in adding the projection parameters

Does anyone know when the new proj library will be compiled for win32 ms4w?
Or does someone have another solution for me?

Tryggvi Már

Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson
t.m.ingvarsson at gmail.com

Tel: (+354) - 567-8320
GSM: (+354) - 899-0409
Hafnarstræti 100,
600 Akureyri, Iceland
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