[ms4w-users] pmapper 1.2.0 MS4W package

toni fiorenontaglio at libero.it
Mon Jul 10 03:35:11 EDT 2006

Ok, maybe I didn't explain myself clear!

download an try a brand new application for MS4W at

It's "p.mapper", a very cute and easy to use webmapper!

Here's a description:

-------------------- what is p.mapper? ---------------------

It's an application is intended to offer broad functionality and multiple
configurations in order to facilitate the setup of a MapServer webmapping
tool based on PHP/MapScript. Functions included are:

    * DHTML (DOM) zoom/pan interface
       (supported browsers: Mozilla 1.+/Netscape 6.1+, Firefox, IE 5/6,
       Opera 6.+, Konqueror 3.+)
    * Query functions (identify, select, search)
    * Query results display with database joins and hyperlinks
    * Print functions: HTML and PDF
    * Configuration of several functions, behaviour and layout via a common
       INI file
    * HTML legends
    * Multilingual user interface

It has been tested with MapServer version 4.0 to 4.8 under Windows and
Linux. Support for version 3.x has been dropped since p.mapper version
1.0.0. The application has been mainly tested with layers based on
shapefiles, PostGIS, and TIFF/ECW images as well as WMS/WFS. Oracle Spatial
layers are reported to work, too

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