R: [ms4w-users] pmapper 1.2.0 MS4W package

toni fiorenontaglio at libero.it
Tue Jul 25 08:30:42 EDT 2006

Obviously I'm preparing p.mapper 2.0, will be ready in a few days...
Yes, you're right! MS4W 2.x misses pear DB.php and DB dir.
I can add them directly into the pmapper zip file, so they'll be copied when


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From: Andre van Atten
To: toni
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 10:59 AM
Subject: RE: [ms4w-users] pmapper 1.2.0 MS4W package

Hi Toni,

Since there is a new Pmapper 2.0 (following on 1.9.5 beta) AND a new
Mapserver 2.1 (php5)  I have tried to install them together. Everything
seems to work nice, but PEAR doesn't work (used by RESULT_JOIN) because
of the reference in squery.php to DB.php (which doesn't exist in ms4w
package since ms4w 2.0). While ms4w was rather buggy using oracle and
sde it might be a good idea to make a new package for ms4w2.1 and
pmapper 2.0?
I would be very happy. Thanks for your great work on pmapper!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Andre van Atten

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