[ms4w-users] cleaning up the server

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jun 8 11:37:00 EDT 2006

yes the Chameleon "sess_" folders could be deleted as well occasionally.

We might as well delete the entire contents of the tmp folder.  I think
I'll add this to the next MS4W release, give it a shot:

  - move the del-ms_tmp.bat up one folder to /ms4w
  - rename it to del-tmp.bat
  - change the contents of that file to:


  REM this script deletes the ALL contents of the tmp directory
  REM (i.e. the MapServer-created gifs)

  move tmp\README_tmp.txt .
  rmdir /S /Q tmp
  md tmp
  cd tmp
  md ms_tmp
  cd ms_tmp
  md buttons
  cd ../..
  move README_tmp.txt tmp

  echo cleaned TMP folder contents

That might help u.  Of course people using ka-map might not like their
kacache folder being deleted...but speak up now if so!

(if anyone has a smarter script please contribute it!)


> I know the del-ms_tmp.bat file cleans up the ms_tmp folder.....but do the
> "sess" folders under tmp need to be deleted once in awhile also?
> Kevin

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