[ms4w-users] oracle spatial

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Jun 15 08:15:28 EDT 2006

Jeff McKenna wrote:
> This could be a problem with the MS4W 2.0 version.  Can someone else 
> with Oracle test with a fresh MS4W 2.0 and report back?  thanks.

We get a different behavior but we have also noticed problems with the 
MS4W 1.5.4 libmap.dll compiled for Oracle Spatial. It works with 
mapserv.exe but it hangs when we use it with php_mapscript_48.dll. 
Everything works fine with an older MS4W 1.5.x on the same machine 
(using the Oracle Spatial libmap.dll as well). This was on an install on 
a system with Oracle 9 client libs on it, and installed under IIS (not 
Apache). There could be other software on the system interfering with 
the installation that's why we didn't report before, but that is 
unlikely since things work fine on the same machine with an older MS4W 
and also work fine with the default libmap.dll that came with MS4W 1.5.4.

Daniel Morissette

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