[ms4w-users] Mapserver broken? ms4w 1.5.2

Mario Servin mservin at gmail.com
Thu May 11 11:41:25 EDT 2006

Hi everybody,
	I've been using MapServer for Windows since 2003. I am very, very
satisfied with the product and still I'm learning about it though I can not
say I'm an expert in the subject,and sometimes I find certain things
presents a problem for me. In the past I had to deal, with a lot of troubles
but with the great help of the list, with ECW raster formats, and recently
with MrSID raster format. I installed (2nd April 2006) the version 1.4 that
allows me (finally) to use MrSID data sources. That was great. I followed
carefully the instructions, downloaded the SDK from Lizardtech etc., but was
in  the second attemp that I got success because I did the same thing with
the former version and failed.
	Now again with a new version I have to walk all the same steps to
see MrSID formats. There's no problem for me as I already told you I can
deal with that, but I think there should be a better way to package MS4W
with the SDE and the required libraries already included, in such a way
newbie hasn't to go all the way to get results. I am thinking this,
specially because of the multiple free sources of satellite images in MrSID
format that one can get in these days.


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Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Custom instructions or an install.bat that tries to detect whether the 
> DLLs exist on the system is what I had in mind. (Of course an 
> automated installer in the style of what FGS does would take this one 
> step further.)

in fact custom instructions for this ms***.dll have existed in the readme
for years, but no one reads it.  so that is why i went this route.

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