[ms4w-users] SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI

ax.steinhardt at web.de ax.steinhardt at web.de
Fri May 19 09:04:35 EDT 2006

IŽm useing ms4w package under Win XP pro as descript in the documentaion. I follow the ms_workshop.

 When I tried to rename the Žmapserv.exeŽ to an other name e.g. ŽmapservaxlŽ. I  edited the Žms_ogc_workshop_httpd.confŽ by inserting "SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI "/cgi-bin/mapservaxl" MS_MAPFILE= /ms_ogc_workshop/client/default/demo.map". I restarted the apache- Server more than once.  

I estimated that the file name would have changed permanantly but it works only for the first request. When I iniciate the first action like Žzoom inŽ the adressline reflects the filename  mapserv.exe as requested application. What is wrong, do I misunderstand the recommondation to change the filename? Most of the WMS I find on the internet has different names as mapserv.exe?!

Thanks for help

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