[ms4w-users] Future Releases

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Sat May 27 09:27:39 EDT 2006

Hello Steffen,

PHP5: excellent question.  We have been pondering switching to this for a
while.  At first we thought of creating a php5-addon package for MS4W, but
I would prefer to just have the MS4W base contain PHP5 (less hastle and
headaches each release - meaning building mapserver only once).  Another
note is that PHP5 releases are quite frequent, whereas PHP4 seems to be
stuck at 4.4.2.  Since it is really up to the MS4W community, and their
needs, does anyone have a reason to not switch to PHP5 in the next
release? (please provide feedback everyone)

Apache 2.0.58: this will be done for the next release, thanks for the
nudge :)

PostgreSQL: there is no longer an MS4W postgres package, for reasons
discussed at the bottom of

If we don't hear anything back regarding PHP4/5, we'll switch to PHP5 in
the next release.


> Hello MS4W developers,
> do you have any plans to switch to PHP5? If yes, do you
> know when this might be?
> Are you going to issue a new release for Apache 2.0.58
> and PostgreSQL 8.1.4 (security fixes in both cases)?
> Regards,
> Steffen Macke

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