[ms4w-users] re: queryByShape() without results

Ludwig Kniprath kniprath.l at wver.de
Tue Nov 7 07:34:56 EST 2006

Hello list,
some "errors" (especially own errors) are really hard to find...

Problem was the order of functioncall: 
1. $query_shape->draw($query_map, $source_layer, $query_map_image);
2. $query_result = $target_layer->queryByShape($query_shape);

After Step 1 the $query_shape is no more useable for further tasks like spatial queries (perhaps a bug, should be mentioned in the doku ...).

As workaround: 
Allways *first* $target_layer->queryByShape($query_shape), *afterwards* $query_shape->draw().



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