[ms4w-users] Baisc Windows question....

Barbara H. Carroll geografx at sprynet.com
Sun Nov 19 16:38:47 EST 2006

Hi MS4W Users,

This is my first question to the mailing list and I'm afraid it's a VERY
basic one.  I'm currently going through the exercises from Bill Kropla's
book "Beginning

MapServer: Open Source GIS Development". It's assuming a linux/unix
installation.  I have no clue what to change the parameters to so it will
work with a windows installation.  

Things like:

SHAPEPATH "/home/mapdata/"

TEMPLATE '/var/www/htdocs/first.html'

IMAGEPATH '/var/www/htdocs/tmp/' - I gather this is /ms4w/tmp/ms_tmp/

IMAGEURL '/tmp/' and this is /ms_tmp/


What do I change the variables to and where to I put them?  Is there
anything else I need to do so this will work.  The basic mapserver is
working without errors.


Thanks so much for your help





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