[ms4w-users] Baisc Windows question....

Anthony Gangemi gangemia at usq.edu.au
Mon Nov 20 01:56:12 EST 2006

I'm also using this book with Windows and I've started the process. You
can find my code modifications at the following URL:
In the mapfiles and template files, you will see the file path
modifications and other minor changes/additions I've made to fit my
Windows system.
Some of the issues I've found whilst using this book with Windows XP
page 21, the listing for line 04 for Windows must be: <form method =POST
Therefore wherever you see "/cgi-bin/mapserv", append it with ".exe"
page 53, listing 3-2, after line 007 add the following:
<input type="hidden" name="map_web_imagepath" value="/ms4w/tmp/">
page 54, listing 3-3, after line 49 add the the following:
<input type="hidden" name="map_web_imagepath"
Adding these lines make my applications work.  There are probably more
changes/additions as you get deeper into the book.  So far I'm on
chapter 4 and I still have issues with the chapter 4 code that I need to
resolve  (will investigate this when I find time).

Tony Gangemi

University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia 
Faculty of Engineering and Surveying 
Email: gangemia[at]usq.edu.au 



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Hi MS4W Users,

This is my first question to the mailing list and I'm afraid it's a VERY
basic one.  I'm currently going through the exercises from Bill Kropla's
book "Beginning

MapServer: Open Source GIS Development". It's assuming a linux/unix
installation.  I have no clue what to change the parameters to so it
will work with a windows installation.  

Things like:

SHAPEPATH "/home/mapdata/"

TEMPLATE '/var/www/htdocs/first.html'

IMAGEPATH '/var/www/htdocs/tmp/' - I gather this is /ms4w/tmp/ms_tmp/

IMAGEURL '/tmp/' and this is /ms_tmp/


What do I change the variables to and where to I put them?  Is there
anything else I need to do so this will work.  The basic mapserver is
working without errors.


Thanks so much for your help





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