[ms4w-users] Changing install root MS4W 2.2.4

Persaud,Bruce [Ontario] Bruce.Persaud at ec.gc.ca
Tue Aug 21 12:57:19 EDT 2007

I was able to install to /Program Files/ms4w/ just fine so long as all
of the changes to paths are in quotations.

Thanks agian  

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You won't find much help in changing MS4W for an install not on the root

of a drive, because MS4W and all of its add-on packages (e.g. Chameleon)

are configured for that root-drive structure.  So making a change to 
that will require re-configuring all of the add-on packages as well. 
But yes it can be done.
I'll outline what I think are the steps, you can try them, and if you 
are still running into problems we can discuss support options offline.
If the following does work or you had to make some changes please let 
the list know, so I can add these notes to the MS4W README for all to

Modifying MS4W for an Installation not at the Drive Root

Do the following steps in a text editor:

1. Open /ms4w/Apache/conf/httpd.conf and search for "/ms4w/" and replace

with your new path from your drive root (such as "/Temp/ms4w/")

2. Open /ms4w/Apache/cgi-bin/php.ini and search for "/ms4w/" and replace

with your new path from your drive root (such as "/Temp/ms4w/")

3. Open all files in /ms4w/httpd.d and search for "/ms4w/" and replace 
with your new path from your drive root (such as "/Temp/ms4w/")

4. Configure your add-on packages.  Using Chameleon as an example: Open 
/ms4w/apps/chameleon/config/chameleon.xml and search for "/ms4w/" and 
replace with your new path from your drive root (such as "/Temp/ms4w/")

Recommendation: avoid installing MS4W in a path that contains spaces

Persaud,Bruce [Ontario] wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I am recieving some conflicting information regarding the possibility
> installing MS4W as well as chameleon for MS4W into subdirectories (eg.

> C:/program files/ms4w)
> In the installation documentation it states:
> "The directory structure, while fixed within itself, is designed to be

> somewhat portable. While it needs to be installed at the root of a
> drive, it doesn't have to be the C: drive. Moving the package to the 
> root of a different drive is simple - just copy it there. To move it
> a subdirectory is more difficult - you'll need to search for /ms4w in 
> all the files and replace it with your new path."
>  From this I take it you must extract/install to c: drive and you may 
> MOVE it to a subdirectory if ALL of the files are changed with the new

> path.  Also to clarify, can you extract + install from a subdirectory
> the pathing editing is done? (e.g. extract to program files > double 
> click apache-install.bat etc...) if the pathing is modified.
> Or is it strictly install to c:\ MOVE to subdirectory with new
> However, I've searched the user-list and came upon
> "John,
> Make sure ms4w is installed right at the root - you should have
> and not c:/ms4w_2.0/ms4w (the applications are configured for c:/ms4w,
> d:/ms4w etc, and will not work if it is a longer path).  I would
> your original ms4w and extract another at the root of the drive (c:/),
> then extract the itasca package at that same root (c:/).
> jeff"
> This leads me to believe it may not work at all, even if you change
> paths in alll the files.
> I really need some clarification on this and I cannot find anymore 
> documentation regarding this issue.  Additionally, the issues which
> be discussed on the user-lists have all pointed to installing to the
> root which WORKS but is not allowed in my situation.
> Thank you,
> Bruce
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> Will doing a windows search of "ms4w" in the c:\ms4w be sufficent?
> It has indicated 40 files containing A word or phrase in the file
> the word ms4w.
> Thank you.
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> Hi All,
> I've read the installation documentation and while it works flawlessly

> as is, I've inevitably run into the issue of installing to the root
> To be blunt, I cannot have it installed to C:\ (or any root
> Does anyone know of a list or know how to find ALL the files which
> to be edited for modified pathing? It should be the same for everyone,

> apart from the new path.
> Searching with Windows doesn't seem to bring up any results, perhaps
> doing it wrong.
> Thanks,
> Bruce

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.
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