[ms4w-users] get shape boundary !

Quang Nguyen tinquang at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 04:17:29 EDT 2007


I use PHP/Mapscript to show a path (from WKT string) on the map dynamically.
It worked (my path displayed correctly).

But I can't get the boundary of the path. The attributes of RectObj always
return -1.

This is my code:


$map = ms_newMapobj("test.map");

$layer = $map->getLayerByName("my_path");

$path = ms_shapeObjFromWkt("MULTILINESTRING((...))");        

$boundary = $path->bounds;


$minx = $boundary->minx; //always return -1

$miny = $boundary->miny ; //always return -1

$maxx = $boundary->maxx; //always return -1

$maxy = $boundary->maxy; //always return -1




$layer->set('status', MS_ON);



Can anybody help ?




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