[ms4w-users] Thematic Mapping based on Joine MS SQL Server Table

Ben Madin ben at remoteinformation.com.au
Mon Jun 4 22:25:54 EDT 2007

G'day p,

On 04/06/2007, at 3:48 PM, p wrote:

> Is thematic classification based on joined field
> values supported? What is the proper syntax for the
> classification in the map file? I think i need to
> create an ogr connection but i could not find any
> sample map file showing how to create the connection.

I think all you want to really do is dynamically generate a mapfile  
based on the thematic classification you want to apply to the  
polygons (we have to use SQL Server in a similar manner, and that's  
how we do it.)

Look at the MapServer Website under classes and look for an example  
maybe with a regex (to identify the field in the dbf that matches  
your database).

We use either perl or php to either replace placeholders in a  
template file for cgi applications, or (using mapscript) write the  
mapfile from scratch.

If you are still having trouble this is probably a better question to  
direct at the MapServer users list, as it sounds as though you have  
ms4w working OK.




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