[ms4w-users] Thematic classification of joined table field

Παρασός Δημήτρης dpara at tee.gr
Mon Jun 18 04:26:37 EDT 2007

Hi everyone!!

I'm a  new ms4w mapserver user. I need to develop a web map application, 
one shapefile
joined with an MS SQL Server flat table.
The polygon shapefile has a 1-1 relationship with the DB table.
I need to have the polygon shapefile thematic classified based on a
joined table field. So far I managed to install/create mapfile/create new
map service/perform the join/deploy new map sites using FIST. So
I have a working map service but I'm stuck in displaying the polygons 
based  on the joined attributes.

Is thematic classification based on joined field values supported?

thanks in advance
Dimitris Parasos
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