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Andre van Atten AvanAtten at reisinformatiegroep.nl
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You have to put al index shapefiles in the path you defined in the map
file as shape path, like "../data", which is relatively to your map
file. Use one shape path. This is the path where you put all other
normal shapefiles in, you can test first if your app and your map file
finds a "normal" shape file instead of an index shape file.
Each index shape file you have myindex1.shp, myindex2.shp etc, has a
shape file and a dbf file. In the dbf file you have a field, in your
case, called "Location" (The TILEITEM definition in your layer file). In
that field you have to put the full path and name of each of your file,
e.g. G:\gisdata\yourdir\tif\picture1.TIF. (In windows these are
backslashes in the shape file!, in the mapfile you use slashes! ) Each
picture has its own record and points to the picture path\name.ext. You
can check the content of the dbf-file with a gis tool that can read
shapes, or open the dbf with a viewer, like excel.


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Hello Jeff, hello List,

first important steps are done (Thanks Jeff!)
A rectangular shapefile (myindex.shp) is created by doing as follows
1. commandline:
(2. commandline:
 C:\>gdalinfo --formats)
3. commandline:
for mrsid
 gdaltindex C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\samples\data\sid\myindex.shp
or for tif:
 gdaltindex C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\samples\data\tif\myindex.shp

This created the myindex.shp files and I can view them with desktop GIS
(spatially referenced rectangles). 
I have in G:/ more than 1000 referenced images -next to each other-
covering the whole research area.

My application do not show the layer, when I write at the mapfile:
		SHAPEPATH "../data"
		SHAPEPATH "G:/gisdata/.../tif"
	Group "catalog"
	Name Aerialimages
	Type Raster
	Status OFF
	TILEINDEX "./tif/myindex.shp"
	TILEITEM "Location"
	MAXSCALE 200000

-do the created file by gdal have to be at the same folder as the
-can I set two SHAPEPATH in the mapfile? 
-might be a problem of too many layers?
-the drive G:/ is not available to the mapserver? (I tried unsuccessful
with some .shp data)

Any ideas and tips are welcome,

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