[ms4w-users] help with legend template

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Oct 15 13:01:09 EDT 2007

First, always respond to the mailing list...or if you want my direct 
support you can purchase a block of time 

It looks to me like your layer setting is overriding the class setting 
(see the note in section 1.4.5 "Note that using this parameter for the 
CLASS block has the same effect as using the opt_flag parameter in the 
LAYER block.").

Otherwise maybe someone else on this list has an idea.

ceri whitmore wrote:
> I had tried that and have just checked again. But with the following 
> template I get all layers and all classes whether they are on or off and 
> in or out of scale.
> thanks for help. Code below.
> [leg_header_html]<table>
> [/leg_header_html]
>             [leg_layer_html opt_flag=15]
>         [if name=layer_name oper=neq value=Mask] <tr id='group'><td 
> colspan='2'>[leg_layer_name]</td></tr>[/if]
>             [/leg_layer_html]
> [leg_class_html opt_flag=14]
> [if name=layer_name oper=neq value=Mask]
> <tr>
>  <td><img src ="[leg_icon width=20 height=10]" /></td>
>  <td>[leg_class_name]</td>
>      </tr> 
>   [/if]
>   [/leg_class_html]
>     [leg_footer_html]
>  </table>
> [/leg_footer_html] 

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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