[ms4w-users] configuration with existing appachi

maab Bahjat maabmm at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 01:51:28 EDT 2007

I am a first time user for this software i would like to ask few principle questions that i need to learn about so i can use the software. 

For mapserver, it requires Appachi Tomcat to be used, right? Now i have an another web application the uses appachi too, and i want to integrated both so may i know which folders of the mapserver product i should transfer? and where in my appachi tomcat?
For your information i am using appachi 6.0.1 on windows platform. 

Another thing i would like to use the conversion tool to SVG, syntax and how it is applicable? i am intersted in converting data from GML to SVG or from XML to SVG.

Your help is highly appreciated

Thank You
Maab M Mustafa
PhD Student UTeM

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