[ms4w-users] problem with using Arabic language again!!!

Saka Royban srph124 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 10:08:50 EDT 2008

Hi all.
According to what History.txt  for MS4W2.2.8 says, problem for arabic and hebrew languages has been solved by using UTF8. But i couldn't get a good result.
In fact, UTF8 doesn't show letters correctly (just some symbols). i have tried lots of fonts but the same result.
in current version, the problem of joining letters have been solved because i can get result using 'ISO8859-6' encoding which is for arabic but now this encoding changes some of letters with each other.
In last version, 'Windows-1256' encoding (for arabic) worked well for showing letters just they were separate not joint. but in cuurent versions this encoding just shows some symbols.
I'm confused. maybe i should setup sth which i don't do or i don't know sth else.
that would be my appreciate to help me because it is really a need. Maps without labels have less usage.
Thanks in advance

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