[ms4w-users] Proble to get the Query image result

David Martinez Morata damarmo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 03:49:18 EST 2009


I create a WMS service, and I use this with Other GIS applications (ArcGIS,
gvSIG,Qgis...)and for a web application developed in Mapfish (JavaScript)
When I query my WMS image, I have in the temp directory the resul of Hilite
entities, but I don't show it in my applications.
 I don't know if I need to change some acces to the web-directories, or
something, in the htdocs directory of Apache, or tell in my conf file
something or that depends of my mapfile, or html file
I don't know how to fix it, any sugestion?

Martinez Morata David
Thinking GIS
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