[MS4W-Users] [ms4w-users] Testing ms4w + 5.6.0 beta 3, c# mapscript: imageobj error

Tiemens, Gerben Gerben.Tiemens at grontmij.nl
Thu Nov 5 14:24:51 EST 2009


I forgot to mention that it is  in beta 1, 2 and 3.

But I probably have the fix already:
making an imageobject not anymore via the method:

imageobj image = new imageobj(500,500,null,null)
but via method prepareImage() of the mapobj
imageobj image = mapobj.prepareImage()

Have tot test it, not done yet.

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Onderwerp: Re: [MS4W-Users] [ms4w-users] Testing ms4w + 5.6.0 beta 3, c# mapscript: imageobj error

G. Tiemens wrote:
> I am testing  5.6.0 beta 1,2 and 3.
> As I understand, I can copy the 5.6.0 beta's over the 3.0 beta 7?
> When I apply this, and rebuild my C# mapscript application with the new
> csharp library, I get memory errors on creating a new imageObj.
> In 3.0 beta 7, all is good and working. When I apply beta 1 over it, and
> rebuild, then imediately an error occurs on creating an imageobj. Creating a
> mapobj is not a problem, so path to dll's is good.


It could be a problem with the earlier betas.  If the recent beta works,
then why go back to an earlier version?


Jeff McKenna
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