[MS4W-Users] PHP Mapscript under IIS

Roland Lang longred at myrealbox.com
Sun Aug 22 13:45:01 EST 2010

Still no success in running php mapscript!

IIS is using Microsoft FastCGI to run PHP scripts (-> Miscrosoft Web
Platform Installer).

If I configure IIS to use php-cgi.exe (from the php.net install package)
and configure php_mapscript.dll as described it does not work (neither
with PHP 5.2.x nor 5.3.x) - as of phpinfo()

It is also not working if I point to MS4W's php.cgi.exe.

PHP (NTS version) is running as expected in all configurations including
the 'official' extensions like php_pgsql.dll.

Any helpful ideas around?

Thanks and Regards,
  Roland Lang
  longred at myfastmail.com 

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                          or over the web

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