[MS4W-Users] PHP Mapscript under IIS

Len Kne lkne at houstoneng.com
Fri Aug 6 15:09:13 EST 2010

Here's the instructions for getting GeoMOOSE to run on IIS6; there is a section on configuring Ms4W for IIS which might help.



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Hello list members,

I'm want to use Mapserver under IIS 6 (Windows 2003).
Mapserver itself works as expected but PHP Mapscript not!
I've installed the same PHP version as with the latest MS4W package except the obvious difference - NTS vs. TS, copied the php_mapscript.dll to the php extension folder and added extension=php_mapscript.dll to the php.ini.
No missing dependencies as of Dependency Walker!

What else is necessary to get PHP Mapscript running?

Thanks and Regards,
Roland Lang

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