[MS4W-Users] Problems running Apache-install.bat on Windows 2003 Server

Alexander Bonatti cart2it at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 02:13:54 EST 2010

Package: ms4w_3.0_beta10.zip
OS: Windows 2003 Server Standar edition

Hello all,

I have problems trying to install ms4w_3.0_beta10.zip or ms4w_3.0_beta9.zip
on Win 2003 server.  I double click Apache-install.bat and a ms2 window
opens but it close suddenly (no message is shown in this windows). No log
file (error, access) is created at log directory and Apache service is not

I tried also to execute httpd.exe located at apache/bin but an alert window
appears indicating the configuration is not correct.

I´ve succesfully installed this package on Win XP Pro.

Anyone has experimented the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

Alexander Bonatti
Environment engineer and GIS-IT consultant
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